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Startup Fashion Week 2021

Mid-July marks a very high point for the fashion industry in Toronto as the Startup Fashion Week takes place. Among the events are a series of runway shows from some of the best new designers not only from Toronto but from other areas as well. There will also be photo shoots in various locations like the Steam Whistle Brewery, the Grand Bizarre, Chinatown and Billy Bishop Airport.

SFW is the only multicity fashion week event in the entire world. This annual tradition is held in Toronto but is open to fashion designers from all over. It began in 2014 when it was launched by Jodi Goodfellow. The aim of SFW is to open up a world of opportunities to new designers, models, entrepreneurs and various professionals in creative media.

This year, at least 18 designers are expected to showcase their collections in the one-week event scheduled from July 12 to 16. Olga Kosumoff’s newest collection from Kosmos Couture called Celestial is one of the most anticipated collections by the fashion audience this year. It is slated to grace the runway on Wednesday, July 14. Kosmos Couture shares the same schedule as three other up and coming fashion brands, Cassandra Moy, Flors Fashion and Charming Parrot.

Olga Kosumoff on the SFW Experience

Olga has been involved in fashion her entire life, in one way or another. However, it has barely been a little over a year since she had created Kosmos Couture. So in terms of being a fashion brand owner, she is still relatively new to the industry.

According to Olga, being part of SFW 2021 gives her a great opportunity to showcase her collection to the public, as well as connect with fellow designers. She believes that Startup Fashion Week is one of the most significant events in Toronto, and not just for fashion designers. The event is bright, bold and brave and as such, it provides the perfect venue for designers and the entire community to come together and experience the world of fashion in a whole new light.

Olga is very excited to present to the public her new Celestial collection, which was inspired largely by the starry sky and the magnificent colors of the universe. She is certainly aware of the significance of this event but no matter what the outcome, she is looking forward to simply connecting with other designers and having fun.

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