By Olga Kosumoff

The dream to be a fashion designer in any capacity does not just pop up overnight. It is a built-in passion that boldly forges the career paths for inspiration. It requires a commitment to learn creative skills, a wagering of passions for fashion and design, and persistence in the face of every rejection. All this will allow any hopeful fashion designer to break through and get on the track to success. One such success story of a fashion industry heavyweight is that of Olga Kosumoff and her company Kosmos Couture.

How It All Started

Before taking the fashion industry by storm, a young Olga had tried to pursue a different career while she was in the US. However, her interest and passion always found a way to veer her in two alternating directions – fashion and design.

Finally, she decided to follow her natural calling. She took her dreams and passion to Canada with her, where she studied at the George Brown College and graduated with honors. She then started her own company and named it Kosmos Couture. Soon after, she created her first red carpet collection "Celestial" and the rest is history.

The First Collection

With the starry sky as her muse, Mrs. Kosumoff worked tirelessly on her very first line of women's wear. This project features a bold, extravagant, and bright evening wear collection. Fascinated by the concept of the universe being boundless with magnificent colors and beauty, she takes her garments to the same level. Naturally, she applies the same heavenly concepts to her creations.

With such amazing inspiration, Mrs. Kosumoff was able to complete a truly stellar collection. Each dress has its own timeless style, beauty, elegance, and glamour that is perfect for very special occasions.

The alluring, elegant, and feminine designs are certainly very attractive on their own. But they caught the audience's eyes even more when Mrs. Kosumoff exhibited her Celestial Collection for the first time at Fashion Art Toronto 2020.

From Childhood Passion to Successful Career

Olga Kosumoff had always been inclined towards fashion designing. Even as a little girl, she had loved to draw and make unique and magical dresses. Little did she know that her childhood passion would steer her successfully into the world of fashion.

One of the first signs that she was really meant for this career was winning the Best Garment Award at a Little Black Dress competition when she was 13 years old. She won for an intriguing design and impeccable quality of the garment and was even published in a local newspaper. Even though she still didn't actively pursue fashion just then, Olga eventually found her way back to her passion when she moved to Canada. Since then, there was no looking back.

The ardent designer seems to never run out of ideas when it comes to fashion and design. She keeps on coming up with zealous designs that are remarkable and nonpareil, just like her inspiration is. Without a doubt, she is bound to come a very long way.