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Celestial – The Meaning behind the Collection

Celestial is the name of the very first red carpet collection created by one of the most promising fashion icons today, Olga Kosumoff, under her brand Kosmos Couture. This collection includes a variety of styles of women’s garments, all of which are designed to enhance the wearer’s beauty and confidence.

The Celestial Collection was first presented to the public at Fashion Art Toronto in 2020. This year, Kosmos Couture shows off the magnificent garments in Toronto once again as it participates in the Startup Fashion Week or SFW 2021, along with the stunning collections of 18 other new fashion brands.

The Origin of Celestial

The word “celestial” has two different meanings. The first is heavenly and the other is god-like. The newest collection from Kosmos Couture takes inspiration from both of these meanings. In other words, the aim is to create garments that resemble the heavens and make the wearer look and feel like a goddess.

Olga discloses that in order to make her garments look like the starry sky, she uses a magnificent sparkly sequin fabric in each piece of her collection. This fabric glitters just like a star and instantly gives the wearer a touch of celestial elegance and sophistication. As for the other meaning of celestial, she uses latex that embraces the female form and shows off the gorgeous curves just like that of the ancient gods. Latex and sequin are actually two of the designer’s personal favorites when it comes to fabric because of their versatility and natural beauty.

The Inspiration for the Designs

When asked about the inspiration for her collection, Olga Kosumoff states with no hesitation that she looks to the simple yet complex everyday phenomena, such as the starry sky. In fact, the unique designs for the garments in the collection come from various elements of the universe.

Oftentimes, the designer looks at pictures of nebulae or star systems. If she finds an image particularly fascinating, she will create a design out of the colors and hues and turn it into a fabulous evening gown or a classy all-day outfit.

Her latest collection, in particular, is also heavily influenced by modern culture and comes with a perfect balance of all-day comfort and sleek sophistication. Most of her designs are available in a variety of colors and sizes that will complement any woman’s personal style and make her look beautiful and feel confident no matter the occasion.

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